extend a warm welcome and invitation to everyone visiting this site.

If you are visiting this site as a result of a search engine, i.e Google,  Yahoo etc or via an advertisement in a local
publication you will find that all areas of the site are open to you and allow you  to see what the Society can do for

Principally, we are a group of like minded people who play golf together  between 12 and 15 times a year on a wide
range of courses.  A glance at the 'Honours board' on our 'Results' page will give some indication of the courses
played and the numbers attending.

You will be supplied with a Society handicap after 3 matches as a guest and your participation in future matches
will be confirmed.   The standard of your golf is more important to you than us but we do ask you to acquaint
yourself with the etiquette associated with the game.

The cost of joining the Society is FREE

Prizes or a Trophy are awarded for every event.  
Ring Jeff Brain on 07777 682038 or
Hefflegolf are pleased to support the work of
You are invited to join us at any of our Future
Click on the  'Join Us'  Page to find out more

We are always ready to welcome new members, regardless of  ability.

A non profit organisation
07777 682038

We are an Eastbourne based Golf Society, formed in 1993  operating with  events in Sussex,
Surrey and Kent.

What  can we add to your enjoyment of Golf ?
Competitive Golf  ,       
A Complete Record of Your Performance
A Realistic Handicap      
Social Golf but with strict adherence to Rules
No joining fee

We meet, normally on the third Wednesday of every month and to date have played  370
matches on over 125 different Courses.
125 Different Courses in the UK,
                                                     France, Portugal and  Spain
                                                                                                       Do you want to be part of it ?
Your Invitation to Join Us,   What We Do,   What we require from you
The Rules we Operate under,   A Guide to Golfing Etiquette
Our Holiday and Short Break Programme
You Are Welcome to join our Ex Pat  Members in Spain
Where We Have Played.  Our Most Popular Courses.  Course Lists
A  Result System  Enabling You to Keep Track of your  Performance
Full Details Of All  Our Future Events and Offers
Some Clips From Our Early Days
Some Golfing Links That May Be Of Interest
The Aim of the Heffle Golf Society
To Provide Competitive Golf In a
Friendly Atmosphere With Fair
Handicapping And All Year Round
Venues At a Realistic Price
Heffle Golf do not seek to make a profit out of your Golf.
Our charge for each event is :-
a) The Price we are charged at the Course.
b) The price we are charged for a drink from the bar after play  (£4 p.p.)
c) Prizes Money (£4 p.p)
d) Website and Admin Costs (£1 p.p)
e) Twos Competition (£1 p.p.)