The Aims and History of

Over the past few years a local golf society
that had raised thousands of Euros for
charity, all of which has gone to children's
charities in the local area  decided to
return to its prime objective of providing
solely social golf for the members.

This left a number of children's
organisations in the area, who are still in
desperate need of charitable donations,
with serious holes in their income.

Fear Not!!     Welcome to the "Los Reyes
Golf Society"

Los Reyes is Spanish for The Kings and
KINGS is an acronym for 'Kids In Need Golf
Society'. This is an area within charitable
fund raising which we will continue to
support. In addition this society will
provide affordable golfing competitions
for all its members of all abilities.

The aims of our society are to provide
members with enjoyable golfing events,
held in the spirit of fellowship but with a
competitive edge. We will be a totally
non-profit making society. Any monies
raised will be donated directly on behalf
of the members of Los Reyes to local
children charities within the Mazarrón
LOS REYES Sponsors
Contact Los Reyes

For further details
regarding membership
and future
events please contact:

Dave Perry
603 118 174

Barry Martin
642 583 864

Terry Adams
634 176 561

2018 Fixture List

11th June   La Torre

9th July   Condado

13th August   Requelme

8th October   Aguilon

12th November   Altoreal

10th December   Condado
Heffle Golf members have always been welcome to attend
LOS REYES events in Spain .
In addition FUENTE OLD GUARD GOLF SOCIETY has always made us
most welcome and we are pleased to reciprocate this situation either
Spain or the UK.
Isla Plana Events will make every attempt to avoid clashes with both
Los Reyes and FOGGS
Fuente Old Guard
Fixtures 2018

31st May  Aguilon

28th June  Condado

13th July    La Serena

30th August    Altoreal

27th September    Aguilon

18th October   Hacienda De Alamo

22nd November    Lorca

13th December  TBA
The Spanish Division of
Current Members
Jeff Brain (Secretary)  Allen Evans, Andy Paul, Alan
Drummond, Kevin Jones, Karen Jones, Alan Benton,
Dave Gaultier, Bryan Lloyd,
1st Game  LORCA Monday May 21st 2018