Los Reyes
2018/2019 Fixture List

12th November   Altoreal

10th December   Condado

14th January  TBC

11th February  Altoreal

11th March  Aguilon

8th April Lorca

13th May  La Envia

10th June  Requelme

9th July  La Torre

12th August  La Romero

9th September  Altoreal

14th October  Aguilon

11th November   Lorca

9th December  Condado
'Royal' Isla Plana
Heffle Golf members have always been welcome to attend
LOS REYES events in Spain .
In addition FUENTE OLD GUARD GOLF SOCIETY has always made us
most welcome and we are pleased to reciprocate this situation either
in Spain or the UK.
Isla Plana Events will make every attempt to avoid clashes with both
Los Reyes and FOGGS
Kevin Jones is this Years Captain of FOGGS and we wish him every

Fuente Old Guard
Fixtures 2018

22nd November    Lorca

13th December  TBA
The Spanish Division of www.hefflegolf.com
Current Members
Jeff Brain,  Allen Evans, Andy Paul, Alan Drummond, Kevin Jones,
Karen Jones, Alan Benton, Glenn Read,  Dave Gautier,  Peter Roberts,  
Dave Perry,  John Downie,  Bryan Lloyd, Dave May,  

Royal Isla Plana
Fixtures 2018
20th January  TBC

17th February  TBC

17th March  TBC