Archived  est. 1993
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The first two Heffle events  in 1993 were held at Wellshurst on 10th November  and at  
Horam Park Golf Course on 8th December .

There were 11 Players .at Wellshurst They are listed at the foot of the page with the result.

The winner on the day  at Wellshurst was Terry Barton, the then head barman at The
Prince of Wales in Heathfield.
Playing off  a Handicap of 24 he mustered 41 points.

We had 9 players at Horam Park
Winner was again Terry Barton playing off his new Handicap of 20
We have not,  as a Society , played at Horam Park since this date for no reason other than
the fact it is a 9 hole Course

By 27th April 1994 we attracted 27 players to ASHDOWN FOREST, an event won by
Derek Galsworthy.
Several people who joined in the mid 1990s are still with us today .

Bob Taylor was one of only three players remaining from the first game at Horam Park.  
Derek Galsworthy, and Jeff Brain are the only other attendees currently still playing.

Malcolm Best joined us soon after at Lewes on 12th January 1994 followed by  Mark
Skinner  at Singing Hills (23rd March), Terry Turk , at Seaford Head  (29th June)  and
Simon Read at Sweetwoods (9th November) in the same year.

Roger Kenward and Andy Chisnall joined at Lingfield Park on 27th November 1996.

Mike Farrall played first at Eastbourne Downs on 4th January 1997 and Martin Eke joined
at Lamberhurst on 26th September in the same year.

Last of our 1990s 'joinees' was Denis Drinan at Tilgate Forest on 11th February 1998.

Terry Barton        H'cap  24    Pts 41
Steve Bachelor                24          39
Fritz Braun                   24          37
Derek Galsworthy          24           36
Mark Hamper                20           34
Jeff Brain                      24          34
George Mitchell              19          33
Martin Noon                  24          33
Bob Taylor                     24          30
Brian Ross                     19          24
Mike Tarbuck                 24          24

We have played over 360 games in Kent, Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire in the UK

We have played in France, Spain, Portugal and Majorca at 130 different Courses
A full list of our UK Results are shown on the Results page of this website .

Terry Barton   H'Cap 20   Pts  30
Mark Hamper            20          29
George Mitchell          19          27
Brian Ross                 21          22
Derek Galsworthy      23           22
Bob Taylor                 24          21
Jeff Brain                  24          20
Mike Tarbuck             24          20
Steve Bachelor            21          19
There are 17 players who have, in the past played over 20 times with the Society
but are no longer Members.

Terry Noon won 5 of his 89 games played.
Bob Taylor won 3 of his 82.
Jerry Woodford won 7 from 78 appearances and Chris Goddard 2 from 54.
Two very good golfers, Bill Way and Richard Friend won 3 and 5 games respectively from 50 outings.
Brian Burdett was successful once from his 50.
The late Brian Ross won once from 49 games.
Don Smith played 43 times, winning twice and former Captain George Mitchell won 3 of his 38 attempts.
Cliff Sheppard won twice from 36 games and Dave Winyard  twice from 34.
Peter Browning played in 34 games, winning 4 and Les Phillips won two of his 32 games.
The late Brian Grainger won 3 from his 24 games.

Over 200 players have passed through the Heffle Golf Society during its 22 years.
The Results of all of our games are available in either hard copy or  on disk.
Listed below are some of the earlier ones and also some later ones covering August 2013 to
December 2016
Results from August 2013 to
December 2016