What can hefflegolf.com  do for you ?

The Heffle Golf Society is a non profit making body which exists solely for the
benefit of its members.

Prices charged at each event are exactly what the Golf Course charges us,  plus a small charge to cover
our running costs, including this website, our promotions
and prizes on the day

Our only requirement is that you satisfy us with your provision of  good Golfing etiquette and your
knowledge of  the everyday rules of Golf. *  

Your performance on the Golf Course in terms of score and shots taken is of more concern to you than it
is to us.

We appreciate that nobody is fully aware of all aspects of golfing rules and some matters of etiquette.  The Society will endeavour to assist you
in both of these matters in a casual manner.

We will provide you with the facilities to enable you
to play golf  in a relaxed environment at a wide
variety of Courses at a reasonable price.

Provision of  Competition Golf at least once a Month without
the need to join a Golf Club.

Reasonably priced All Year Round Events

No Joining Fee

Provision of a Handicap certificate which will give you access
to most Golf Courses Worldwide *

Detailed result system where you can check your
performance and playing statistics against other
players and against the Golf Course

Organised Holiday and Short Break  Programmes

Access to Society Organisers Events at Budget prices

We are now in our 25th  year as a Golf Society and all of our objectives  have been met.  The support
and enthusiasm shown by our members during this period has been continuous and creditable and
made this possible

We operate between 12/18  events per year and are widely welcomed wherever we attend.

We try to keep the golf as economical as we can by trying to play the more expensive courses in the
winter where we are able to obtain preferential green fees.  

At present the Society operates with a Secretary,  Playing Captain and Vice Captain and a Committee of
one other person. All rules concerning the Society  along with Handicapping are made by this body of

We are, and will continue to be, a social Society and for this reason very few  bookings will be accepted
for 'Golf Only'.  
There is no break for bad weather.  If you indicate that you are playing at an event and you do not
attend you will be expected to pay.
If you do not you will be charged for any food ordered.

Most  Golf Courses ask for final numbers 72 hours in advance of the first tee  time and once those
numbers are given we are committed to payment.  Obviously, if the Course closes for poor weather no
payment will be made but this is very rare these days.
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