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You will find details of all of our current scheduled events on this page along
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We are planning a number of High profile activities in 2018,
The 25th Anniversary Year of
The Heffle Golf Society.
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Event 381 Wednesday  20th September

P. Swaine D. Wilkinson, R. Trimbee, B. Blewitt, P. Staples, S. Staples,D. Drinan,
P. Bowers, B. Jones (G) C. Vince
A. Bungay , M. Skinner, D. Galsworthy,, T. Mitchell  M. Best   S. Read, R. Skinner, J. Brain   (18)
4 Buggies  All now taken.
Seaford Head Golf Club
Our 'Two's Competition commenced on Wednesday February 22nd
at Willingdon Golf Course, our 370th Event.

Every player is included in the Competition

Any player holing out in 2 or less shots will be declared the winner and will
scoop the '2's money for that day.
In the event of more than one player achieving this the prize will be

Should no player achieve a 2 or less the prize will be carried forward
to the next event.

To avoid players joining the Competition once the 'pot' has built up the
'carried forward' amount will be restricted to the games that player has
paid into and the remainder reintroduced to the next carry over.
Your ideas in relation to this milestone are very important.
Without your participation it will not be the success that the Society needs.
Our sole operation relates to Competitive Golf and this will continue during
this celebration year.

We will be looking at a number of High Profile venues which may or may not
be outside our immediate area and in one or two cases may include
competitions spread over a few days at a specific venue.

We have dedicated a page of this Website to Our Anniversary
Year. Click on it now and give it some thought
Full English Breakfast 10.00 am
First Tee 11.00 am
Price £36.00
Includes Drink after play
£80 Deposit Paid
Three Of Our 4 Venues
Next Year at Conil,
and Below  SHERRY
GOLF,      JEREZ,  

Our Christmas December Event (384) will be at


on Wednesday  December   20th

This venue has been selected taking regard to weather conditions
that may prevail at this time of year.

We will be having Coffee and Bacon rolls prior to play and a
2 Course Christmas Dinner to follow golf.
Smart Casual, not Golf Course attire, will be necessary in the

This event will be subsidised at £40
(£100 Deposit Paid)
To commemorate our 25th Anniversary we have provided a
selection of  Golf Shirts personalised with the Heffle Golf logo
shown above

There are a selection of Colours available and it has been decided to offer any colour with
the logo above shown.        By searching
you will get an indication of sizing and colours
For those people new to the
Society the significance of the
above logo , which depicts a
'cuckoo',  relates to this birds
relevance to the medieval custom
of releasing it at the Heathfield
fair in early Spring.  Heffle is the
medieval name of this town.
The Heffle Golf Society was
formed in 1993 in the towns
Licenced  Betting Office.
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9 Entrants so far ;- J. Brain, D. Wilkinson, M. Lester, M. Gray, T. Mitchell, T. Simms, R. Skinner,
A. Drummond,  D. Sager,  3for5,  (?)
You can also join the Heffle
Golf League by entering the pin
in My Leagues on the link on
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Event 382
Wednesday October 18th


Coffee & Bacon Rolls  9.45 am
First Tee  10.30 am
Drink after play
Price  £38.00
(£100 Deposit Paid)
B. Blewitt,  D. Wilkinson,  P. Hunt,   S. Read  J. Snow, D. Jones, P. Bowers, R. Del Prado,R. Skinner, M. Skinner,

Event 383       Wednesday November 22nd  
The Nevill Golf Club,
Tunbridge Wells

Price of £40.00 includes a Drink After Play


Acceptees To date

D. Wilkinson, J. Brain, B. Blewitt, R. Skinner

9.45 am
Coffee and Bacon roll
FIRST TEE 10.30 am
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Holiday to
Conil on our
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