extend a warm welcome and invitation to everyone visiting this site.

If you are visiting this site as a result of a search engine, i.e Google,  Yahoo etc or via an advertisement in a
local publication you will find that all areas of the site are open to you and allow you  to see what the Society
can do for you.

Principally, we are a group of like minded people who play golf together  between 12 and 18 times a year on a
wide range of courses.  A glance at the 'Honours board' on our 'Results' page will give some indication of the
courses played and the numbers attending.

You will be supplied with a Society handicap after 3 matches as a guest and your participation in future
matches will be confirmed.   The standard of your golf is more important to you than us but we do ask you to
acquaint yourself with the etiquette associated with the game.

The cost of joining the Society is FREE

Prizes  are awarded for every event.  
Hefflegolf are pleased to support the work of
You are invited to join us at any of our Future Events    

We are always ready to welcome new members, regardless of  ability.

NO JOINING FEE               We are a non profit organisation
07777 682038

We are an Eastbourne based Golf Society,
formed in 1993  operating  events in Sussex,
Surrey and Kent.

What  can we add to your enjoyment of Golf ?

Competitive Golf  ,       
A Complete Record of Your Performance,
A Realistic Handicap ,     
Social Golf  with strict adherence to Rules ,
No joining fee

We meet, normally on the third Wednesday
of every month and to date have played  400
matches on over 125 different Courses.
125 Different Courses in the UK,
                                       France, Portugal and  Spain
                                                                                         Do you want to be part of it ?
The Aim of the Heffle Golf Society
To Provide Competitive Golf In a Friendly Atmosphere With Fair
Handicapping And All Year Round Venues At a Realistic Price
Heffle Golf do not seek to make a profit out of your Golf.
Our charge for each event is :-
a) The Price we are charged at the Course.
b) The price we are charged for a drink from the bar after play  (£4 p.p.)
c) Prizes Money (£4 p.p)
d) Website and Admin Costs (£1 p.p)
e) Twos Competition (£1 p.p.)
Montecastillo in Spain
Aguilon in Spain
07777 682038

Secretary's Note

All members are expected to communicate availability to the Secretary at least 72 hours before the event.  
Every attempt will, however, be made to accommodate late entries.

Non attendance following acceptance will result in the non participant incurring the full cost of the food ordered
on the day.

Withdrawals for extreme reasons within this 72 hour deadline will, of course, be dealt with as
sympathetically as is possible but this withdrawal must be made by telephone to the Secretary.

If you introduce a 'Guest' to the Society this person will be the responsibility of the proposer
regarding both cost and adherence to Society rules.

'Guest' players must play a minimum of 3 matches prior to Society acceptance and will not be
eligible for winners prizes during this period.

All members of The Society are expected to make themselves aware of the standards that are required
at each Course we attend and extend a high level of etiquette and courtesy to these Courses.

All players are expected to be at the venue at least 45 minutes prior to the first tee time

Please remember that the Secretary is not able to make final payment to the club until all players
have arrived and paid.  

It is unfair to expect him to wait around for late arrivals and payers.  

Under no circumstances should 'Order of Plays' be altered unless agreed with the Secretary prior to the day.  
Guest players will normally play with the proposer and two other Society members on the first match attended.


Heffle Golf operates strictly under R & A rules although
the principal format of play uses the Stableford Scoring

Handicaps awarded by Golf Clubs to Society members either
prior to joining or during your Society playing period will not
be considered when allotting your Society Handicap.  

Having recently experimented with the CONGU Handicapping
system operated by Golf Clubs we have come to the conclusion
that it is not suitable for Society Golf.

The main Handicapping Rules are as follows :-

1)  Winners of Heffle Golf events receive a two shot Handicap

Players finishing either out of the top two thirds or outside the
top ten will receive a 1 shot addition to their Handicap.

The Maximum Handicap awarded to new players will be 24
New players will not be eligible for any award other than a
Handicap cut during the first 3 appearances within the Society.
They are also exempted from the 2 shot maximum cut during
their first 8 games
It is unlikely that most people will say anything about your standard of golf etiquette.        They will, however, remember it, maybe even discuss it with others.
You may find that you have difficulty finding partners in future.

Don't become a lonely golfer, spend a few moments reading through these notes

Good golf etiquette is important for many reasons.
Many rules pertain to the safety of other golfers, the quality of the golf course, and various other aspects of thoughtfulness which make the
game more enjoyable.

In other words, golf etiquette is an essential part of the game that many new players overlook and that even some non-novices occasionally
forget.   Brushing up on your golf etiquette will ensure that you get the most out of the game and have a truly rewarding experience, and that you
are a pleasure to play with.

Look before you swing! Keep it safe.
Do not swing your club until you know that others in your group are at a safe distance. Likewise, keep your distance when others are swinging. When practicing your swing, never swing in
the direction of another player.  There may be pebbles or twigs or other matter in the grass that could fly up and injure a playing partner.

Do not hit the ball until you are certain that the group ahead of you is out of range
If your ball appears headed toward another player or another group, give them a warning by yelling out, "Fore!" (an internationally recognized alert).
Also, observe the safety suggestions posted in golf carts and drive carefully. Golf etiquette requires keeping your cart off the grass as much as possible.  Another important rule is to never
throw clubs in anger. In addition to being rude , it could also be dangerous to fellow players.

Don't cause a hold up.
Maintain a good pace. Keep the round moving by being prepared to hit your shot when it is
your turn.  You probably don't like waiting on other groups, so don't make other groups wait
on you.

The player who is furthest from the hole hits first in a group.
Slow Play is one of the reasons that prevents this happening and is extremely dangerous.


Do not spend too much time looking for a lost ball, particularly if there is  a group  behind you ready to play. If you insist on taking the full five minutes allotted in the rule book to look for
lost balls, golf etiquette says wave up the group behind to allow them to play through.
Always try to keep pace with the group ahead of you.  If space opens in front of you, allow a faster group to play through.
When two players in a cart hit to opposite sides of a hole, drive to the first ball and drop off that player with his  club, then drive to the second ball. After both players hit, meet up farther
down the hole.
When walking from your cart to   your ball, take a couple of clubs  with you.   Taking only one club, then having to return to the cart to retrieve a different
club, is a huge time-waster.

Always 'park' your trolley or cart at the exit to the Green and  leave the putting green as soon as your group has finished putting.

If you are unable to score on a hole YOU MUST PICK UP. WE DO NOT WANT TO SEE SCORES OF 9 or MORE ON

Be sure to use that rake! Be kind to the course. Observe cart rules. Some courses will post "cart path only" signs; others will ask you to observe the "90-degree rule." Do as you are told. Keep
carts away from greens and hazards. The wheels on carts can damage these sensitive areas.  Always remember to repair your divots in the fairway, and ball marks on the green. Avoid taking
divots on a practice swing. Be sure to always rake sand bunkers after hitting to erase your footprints and damage to the area where your ball was.
When removing the flagstick lay it gently on the side of the Green. Do not throw it !

Wear proper golf attire. Shirts should be collared, and  should be tucked into their shorts or trousers.   Shorts are acceptable but they should be rather upscale. No gym shorts or  should be
no shorter than just above your knees.
Wear proper golf shoes. Running shoes or sandals are not appropriate. Also be sure that you wear soft spiked golf shoes, since most golf courses do not allow metal spikes.  Hats are a good
idea. They shield the sun from your face and may improve your vision.
If playing in cooler weather, a jacket or sweater is appropriate.

Shake hands and be congratulatory at the end of the game.
Good sportsmanship is demonstrated by shaking hands with your opponents at the end of the game and congratulating both the winner and those showing great improvement. Any
disagreements should end at this point and a drink or meal to talk over anything in a civilized way is a fine way to end the game.

Never talk during another player's swing, or rattle your keys, cough, or make other noises.
Do not yell out following a shot.  Even if boisterous behavior doesn't bother your playing partners, there are other people on the course who may be within earshot.

Be aware of your shadow on the putting green. Don't stand in a place that causes your shadow to be cast across another player or that player's putting line.  Never walk through a playing
partner's putting line, or the line his ball may travel past the hole.
Your footprints might alter the path of a partner's putt.

Walk around (behind) the partner's ball. Never walk across the green to get to your ball, walk around the green.
Enter and exit sand traps from the low side, never climb up the face.
Never stand opposite of the hole when another player is hitting, or putting, give them an unobstructed view of their shot.

Avoid walking in the line of your opponent at any time.
Avoid throwing a tantrum; while it is just a game, it is also a test of your sportsmanship and personal behavior. If it's a corporate game, you are also being judged on how you handle
challenges and opponents.
ALWAYS look where you're swinging. It might hit someone and might hit their bad spot.

Please leave cell phones turned off or set to vibrate.

Things You'll Need
Pitch mark repairer   
Ball marker
Multiple Golf balls
Rule Book
Proper Golf Attire
Score Card
Calculator !

Sense Of Humour

(Less than 72 hrs prior to event)
We are obliged to provide final numbers at all Courses we visit 3 days prior to the date of our visit.
Recent late cancellations have cost the Society, and therefore it’s members, money.
The Society has always been a friendly society and for that reason we do not
approach an individual making this late withdrawal for costs incurred, but anyone volunteering to cover
their own costs would be showing respect for the other members and be   greatly appreciated
by everybody.    
The Basics of Golfing Etiquette
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